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Design has a duty to be considerate of the maker, user, and planet


Hi, I'm Ilya (il-yuh) Brukhman, an Industrial Designer and creative problem-solver. I'm serious about good design and strive to create beautiful and sustainable products that stand the test of time. In both design and life, my approach is the same—I don't do anything halfway. Whether making a rarely seen part look beautiful or baking my own sourdough from scratch, I believe anything worth making is worth making well.

I'm inspired by biking, canoeing, travel and abundant farmer's markets. I love failing at surfing, slack-lining and rock climbing. 

I just returned home from a 4-month trip to Southeast Asia  where I explored the primary rainforests of Laos and ate dangerously spicy food. I'm ready to dive into new projects with lots of fresh travel inspiration under my belt. Let's chat!



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